About Me

My name is Liz Rose and I'm a recent graduate of the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation. After graduating in May, I moved across the country to do research in Washington state for the summer, and I'm not yet sure where I will end up after that.

This blog is focused on finance, fashion, travel and drinks, which are all things that I love and like to think I'm good at (drinking especially). I know that most recent graduates are a little lost and I hope that through this blog they can find me so that at least we can be lost together!! None of us actually know what we're doing so we probably shouldn't go at it alone.

Honestly, the person who got me into blogging is my mom (hi mom, if you somehow managed to find this) so if you don't think that I have any right to have a blog, blame her. I do not claim to be an expert on anything that I post (Especially not finance!!! Don't blame me if you're poor.) but I know a little bit about these topics based on my experiences, so I like to share those stories with people who maybe have not had experiences like mine.

Please leave me comments on my posts, I love to hear from anyone and everyone who reads my posts. And remember to follow me on all my social media!

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